Rachael Reed


Reported internet bully, slanderer and harasser. Active "anonymous" user of slanderous, harassing, bullying and doxxing websites

About Rachael


- User of Harassing/Bullying Websites
- Engages in abusive behavior, such as targeted harassment or expressing hate towards a person, group, or protected category
- Main Targets: Youtubers Onision (+ family and friends) and JoySparkleBs (+ family and friends)

- Conducts harassing campaigns against Youtubers Onision and JoySparkleBS
- Spreads false and unverified allegations: rape, fraud, child abuse, scam, tax evasion.
- Claims (promotes narrative) Youtuber Onision is a paedophile
- Claims (promotes narrative) Youtuber Joy Sparkle BS is a Child Abuser
- Accuses people of rape, pedophilia, abuse and fraud.

- Harasses multiple Youtubers and their followers.
- Uses multiple fake accounts to harass and intimidate youtubers Onision and Joy Sparkle BS.
- Runs Anti-Onision Tumblr blogs


- Burlesque Dancer living in Lexington, Kentucky
- Lives with mother and boyfriend Jarrod Westerfeld in a 5 bedroom house
- Claims to be in a poly-exclusive-relationship with cyber harasser boyfriend Jarrod Westerfeld
- Allegedly often day-drunk while home with her toddler
( Please call Child Protective Services in Kentucky 1-877-597-2331 Toll-Free )
- Allegedly physically abuses boyfriend


Report Date: 29 August 2018

Reported by: Verified

Accuracy: 100%

Tracking: Verified

Identities: Rachael, @_ciller_cisses, Rach, Rachael Reed, Vivica, Vivica Doolittle, Suck-a-Dick, Corrie, Corrie 2.0, Corrie the warriestest

Relatives: Judi Reed Roberts (Mother), Daniel T Reed (Father), Jarrod Westerfeld (Boyfriend N.1)

Location: Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Twitter Account:
Archived Twitter Account:


Recorded Bullying Attacks 10+
Complaints Received 03
Minors Attacked 02
Families Attacked03
Known Internet Identities 10+
Possible Privacy Violations 10+


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