Kiwi Farms grew out of the groups who harassed Chris-chan in 2007. KF’s first wiki, “the CWCki,” was created because users felt Chandler’s page on Encyclopedia Dramatica wasn’t detailed or accurate enough. Since 2008, every drawing, video blog, tweet, Facebook post, eBay listing, Etsy item, and PSN purchase Chandler makes has been archived on the CWCki and exhaustively discussed on the forums. During this time, various accounts of hers have been hacked, and the leaked data hosted on the CWCki. A whole coterie of KF members have also pretended to be Chandler’s friends and romantic partners in order to con Chandler into giving them more embarrassing content (photos, videos, drawings, etc.), which are then used to torment her. The most extreme was a psychopathic 13-year-old boy masquerading as a 19-year-old girl who had a phone sex with Chandler and posted the whole phoce call online, threatening him to call the FBI and accusing him of being a pedophile.

The Kiwi Farms community is obsessed with its own warped ideas about mental illness.

Everyone KF targets is “crazy” to them, and everything KFers find funny or worthy of disdain is justified as evidence of this perceived mental illness. “Crazy” is both a catchall justification for anything they feel like paying attention to, and the reason KFers will indulge themselves with lengthy armchair diagnoses about their targets. Their deep and abiding scorn for people with mental illnesses leads them to classify anyone they target as mentally ill, and to focus their energy on those who appear most vulnerable. Those people tend to be minorities, women, LGBT people, or kinksters.

Victims who exhibit mental strain as a result of being hounded by KFers are subject to a redoubling of efforts, in the hopes they can precipitate a breakdown.

To date, two targets have killed themselves after being featured on Kiwi Farms, and many others attempted suicide and suffered severe emotional distress as a result of their harassment.