Joshua Conner Moon

Joshua Conner Moon


Owner/Administrator of "anonymous" slanderous, harassing, bullying and doxxing website LolCow.Farm &

About Joshua


- Owner/Administrator at and, websites masquerading as honest spaces where "anonymous" members believe that can slander internet celebrities without repercussion.
Members are subtly encouraged to degrade their targets for their appearance, to invade their privacy, and are constantly looking for ways to report them to law enforcement for any sort of thing.

- Joshua Conner Moon aka Josh Moon is a far-right, racist, Islamophobic, transphobic internet troll who operates the forum Kiwi Farms and Lolcow, widely considered notorious hate-speech sites for attacking LGBT (especially transsexuals and the transgender Trans Lifeline), various other minority groups and people with mental disabilities, e.g. autistics.

- Victims are named lolcows by Kiwi Farms, defined as persons "whose eccentric or foolish [internet] behaviour can be exploited to amuse onlookers".

- Critics note that Kiwi Farms is infamous for its cyberstalking, trolling, harassment and doxxing.


- Tells people he owns a company called, although the company has shut down years ago for Administrative Dissolution (Public Documents), the worst that can happen to a company. Administrative dissolution is the taking away of the rights, powers, and authority of a domestic corporation, LLC or other statutory business entity, by the state administrator overseeing business entities, due to the entity's failure to comply with certain obligations of the business entity statute.

- Alleged pedophile (nternet Rumours)
(Please report him to the FBI: +1 850-432-3476)
We're working on it.

- Alleged Tax Evader: Joshua collects e-money to support and expand his defamatory and harassing websites (screenshots below) avoiding traditional means of collecting donations. He blames his decision on "activities of actual terrorists". Unknown whether he pays taxes.
(Please file a report HERE or by phone Within Florida: 800-352-9273 - Outside Florida: 850-717-6994)
We're working on it.

- Although Twitter has banned Joshua/Kiwifarms from using its platform he always gives it a try. Reported on September 01, 2018 (screenshot below).


Report Date: 02 September 2018

Reported by: Sheltered

Accuracy: 100%

Tracking: Verified

Relatives: Candice Lynn Potter ( Mother ), Anthony Potter ( Father ), William Anthony Potter ( Grandfather ), Linda Cherry Potter ( Grandmother ), Vicky Lynn Potter ( Father's New Wife )

Identities: Josh, Joshua, Null, IbanZ, Iban, ichverbot

Location: Pensacola, Florida, United States of America

Twitter Accounts:
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Website Statistics

Recorded Bullying Attacks 10+
Complaints Received 10+
Minors Attacked 10+
Families Attacked10+
Known Internet Identities 10+
Possible Privacy Violations 10+


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