The best way to deal with anonymous bullies is to expose their behaviour and identify them, so they lose the power to terrorise.

Anonymous Harassers ( formerly known as Bully Buster ) is a American–Israeli Non-Profit Organization run by "white farmers" that can help you dealing with anonymous users that are trying to destroy your life with harassment, false accusations, defamation and slander, helping you to gain some power while lawyering up, and in many cases preventing the weakest ones to commit suicide.

Bullies love to call themselves trolls to persuade their preys they have no legal responsabilities, but DO NOT make mistakes, they are criminals, not trolls. Bullies lack fairness or honesty and should never be trusted. Exposing them is always the best solution.

We're here to help you.

Each researcher works on a case by case basis. They'll work with you, your family and friends and gather all evidences you need for your lawsuit.
We can also provide legal representation and assistance to eligible victims.


Today’s bullies have a new “playground” called cyberspace, where they can harass, humiliate, doxx, slander and threaten their victims: They call themselves "trolls", but they are cyberbullies.

In the United States as many as 30 percent of the people admit to being victims or engaging in online bullying. As a result of advancing technology and internet accessibility combined with over two hundred social websites, cyberbullying is escalating.

Cyberbullying is even more powerful than traditional bullying because the bully has a much larger audience allowing the attack to be more devastating for the victim while the bully can remain anonymous. Why should they be allowed to remain anonymous while their victims, end up killing themselves?

Traditional methods used by the bully to intimidate and control include; the use of verbal threats, physical threats, emotional or passive methods of spreading vicious rumors or snickering, releasing private conversations and details. A new method is cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel.

To fight anonymous harassers we've decided to use their own strategy and expose them, without slander or rumours. Harassers hate being exposed, and this is the only weapon victims have, but most people don't have the resources to do that. This is where we come in, and we'll do it FOR FREE! - LEARN MORE

Why Do People Bully?

There's a psychological profile or makeup for people who bully. Characteristics of people who bully, according to US Department of Health and Human Services:

- impulsive, hot-headed, dominant;
- easily frustrated;
- lack empathy;
- have difficulty following rules;
- view violence in a positive way; and
- tend to be physically stronger than others

Bullying can be a sign of other serious antisocial or violent behavior and are more likely to:

- Get into frequent fights
- Be injured in a fight
- Vandalize property
- Steal property
- Drink alcohol
- Smoke
- Be truant from school
- Drop out of school
- Cary a weapon

(US Dept. of Health and Human Services, HRSA)

Lifelong Affect

Bullying in any form has long lasting effects on its victims. Many will suffer the psychological and emotional damage into their adult and parenting years.

On June 29th, 2016, 19-year-old Julie TerryBerry was found dead after hanging herself at her home in Ontario, Canada. Following her death, many speculated that the KiwiFarms documentation of her online life may have contributed to her suicide. But the harassment never ended there. They are still making fun of her.

Anonymous Harassers About

The question now is this: why shouldn't these people be exposed?
We are going to change that.

We'll expose and identify them, and make sure they're easily found on any major search engine.
You won't need to hide, change your name or think about suicide anymore. You won't be the next Julie, we're here to help you ( FOR FREE ). You're stronger than you think. We can fight them together.

Freedom of speech is not freedom to hurt.
Freedom of speech is not freedom to slander.
Freedom to speech is not freedom to harass.

The Role of the Bystander

Bystanders are the audience who “witness” the bully’s attack on his or her victim. Bystanders either become a participant (bully by proxy), by joining in on Web pages and leaving hurtful or nasty comments, or by simply doing nothing except observe the bullying behavior, which in turn condones the behavior. The reason most bystanders do not intervene, whether in person or online, is for fear of becoming the target. This in turn only enforces the behavior as acceptable, especially if nothing is done to stop it, according to NSSC. It becomes a form of social acceptance. Ironically, it is the bystanders that have the most power in the dynamic, not the bully